Imported HC Elian Nel HXAs HXBs, "Nel"
by Holman's Mike HXAs HIBs ROMX, "Mike"

Nel Holman's Mike, "Mike"

Born on November 1st, 2011

1 Pup
Contact Point Pippa

Owned by Jane McGrath, CA
2 Pup
Contact Point Candie Coated Raindrop "Skittles" RN

 Owned by Marie Goff, CO
3 Pup
Contact Point Skys The Limit, "Sky"
AGDC, Silver Award of Merit
Owned by
Shauna Helson, Canada
4 Pup
Contact Point's Lily

 Owned by Corey Rubin, CA
5 Pup
 Contact Point's Serena

  Owned by Jessika Packman, CA
6 Nash
Contact Point's Game Theory, "Nash
" PT
 Owned by Erin Mahaffy, CA
7 Pup
Contact Point Formal Attire "Tye" RN NA NAJ

 Owned by Michelle Illes, CA
8 Pup
Contact Point Encinitas Full Throttle "Zoom"

 Owned by
Joanne & Brian Matsumoto, CA
9 Pup
Contact Point Nel's Sweet Pete

 Owned by
Lenny & Linda Amato, CA

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Puppy pictures of this litter:

Day 1

Day 14

Day 27

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