Contact Point Thinks Quick, "Quick" by Holman's Mike, "Mike"

Contact Point Thinks Quick, "Quick"Holman's Mike

Born on January 20th, 2007

Contact Point's Power Play, "Power"
MACH PACH Contact Point's Power Play,

  ADCH-Gold, LAA-Platinum, TM-Platnium, GCh-Platnium, SCh-Gold, RCh-Gold, MXB, MXJB, MXP, MJP, XF, HSAs, JHD
Owned by Kate Moureaux, CA
Contact Point's Catch The Wind, "Fly"
Contact Point's Catch The Wind, "Fly"
Owned by Andy Hartman, NC

Puppy pictures of this litter:

1 Day

9 Days

3 Weeks

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