Woodland's Spin, "Spin"

DOB: 02/14/1991

CLR: Blue Merle
HT: 20.5"
WT: 40 lbs

OFA good hips
CERF & BAER normal
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Woodland's Spin, "Spin"


1991 - 2002

Woodland's Spin was an extremely versatile Border Collie. He possessed high intelligence, superb work ethic and was built for speed and endurance.

Spin's true calling was Flyball racing. Since he started racing at the age of one year, Spin had earned numerous FB titles, including the prestigious ONYX award for 20,000 points.

In herding Spin had titled in AHBA and AKC with many blue ribbons. His highest award was High Combined Sheep and Cattle at the Sand and Sea trial in Ventura, CA in 1999. Spin was a very talented herder. His style was a combination of power, natural outrun and balance, and a willingness to do his master's bidding.

As an agility dog Spin had been successful in very limited showing. Karen and Kate Moureaux handled him since 1998 and got his AAD, AX and OAJ titles as well as top ten placements at the USDAA Grand Prix Nationals in 1999.

Spin was a proven stud dog. He had sired several litters of wonderful pups. He produced dogs with excellent temperaments, drive and trainability. People say, "If it's a Spin puppy I know it will be fast."


Litters sired by Woodland's Spin, "Spin":

Contact Point's Disney, "Disney" by Woodland's Spin, "Spin"
Born on June 15th, 1999

Contact Point's Disney, "Disney" by Woodland's Spin, "Spin"
Born on January 16th, 2000

Contact Point's Sue, "Sue" by Woodland's Spin, "Spin"
Born on May 20th, 2001

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