DOB: 12/03/2012

CLR: Black Tri
HT: 21.75"
WT: 40 lbs

ABC 387694
AKC DN37656401

DNA normal by genetic testing for
CEA, I-GS, and TNS
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Grady comes from a long and extremely talented herding line and has the drive, the strength, and the personality to go with it. He is a big friendly handsome male with a cheerful outlook and an extremely biddable sweet nature. He is a love - easy to live with and cooperative. He is handsome and kind, with a beautiful deep tri and a gorgeous coat. He has always been very easygoing, adjusting to new situations and new people. Amazingly, he has enough of an “off switch” that he is content to work with me all day at my computer, happily curling beneath my legs.

Grady is just starting out in what will be a long agility career, but already he has earned his first titles in USDAA Gamblers, USDAA Snooker, and USDAA Relay, and he is very close to completing his USDAA Agility Dog title. He jumps 26” easily and gracefully. His long powerful stride and ground speed on agility courses is impressive, and what surprises is how flexible his body is, allowing for tight turns. He loves to work, with great forward drive on course while maintaining a focus on his job and his handler. His weaves are spectacular. He has qualities that would make him a great all-around dog for dog sports, herding, or anything else where a quick intelligence and work ethic is required. He is all about the work and performance.

He loves to learn, loves to play, and is always up for another session of training, a long walk, or any game that involves a ball. When he was a puppy, he would entertain himself by throwing his toys up into the air and catching them. He’s a joy to live with, a joy to run with, and a joy to train. He loves to please, and will do most anything that is asked of him. He is the type of dog that is a dream to work with.


Litters sired by Grady at Contact Point:



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