Imp. Flo, "Tempie"

DOB: 05/10/2008
CLR: Black Tri
HT: 18.75"
WT: 30 lbs

AKC DN28608201
ISDS NL/296382
OFA fair hips (BCO-8441F27F-PI)
CEA/CH normal by parentage

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Imported Flo, "Tempie" HSAs

Imported Flo, "Tempie" is a small tri-colored bitch standing about 18 5/8" tall and weighing about 30lbs.

She has a sweet and gentle personality and is very easy to live with in the house. She is a power snuggler and loves to curl up on your lap or next to you. She loves to jump up into your arms and then kiss you.

She is very quick and agile, she loves to work and is very willing to please. She is currently training on sheep where she is showing great potential. She also has some agility foundation training and is a lovely jumper.

Litters whelped by Tempie:

Imported Flo, "Tempie" by Imp. Kuro
Born January 17th, 2011

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