Hollman's Nell, "Nell"

DOB: 03/30/2002
CLR: Black Tri
HT: 19"
WT: 35 lbs

OFA good hips
OFA normal elbows
CERF & BAER normal

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Hollman's Nell, "Nell"



Nell is a great herding dog with a smooth, wide natural outrun and excellent balance. She is a good listener and never refuses a command, even if she knows you are wrong. However, she will give a certain bewildered look telling you so, because she's usually correct. Nell has plenty of power but never loses her sensibility. She is great at reading her stock and quick to do so. She has surprised more than one group of sheep by ending up right in the spot they thought they were escaping to before they even knew that she had moved. Nell is extremely fast and covers a tremendous amount of ground quickly and quietly.

Nell is the sweetest and most playful dog. She is up for a wild game of tug at the drop of a hat and calls everyone friend. She is happy wherever she is, whether lying at your feet while you work in your office or taking command of her sheep.

Nell's last litter of pups were born in September 2006 and she has been retired from breeding. She is now living with her new owners Debra & Steve Cummings in nearby Santa Paula, CA.  She and Clue have a flock of about 20 sheep to keep them busy.


Litters whelped by Nell:

Hollman's Nell, "Nell" by Contact Point's Anticipation, "Quiver"
Born on January 7th, 2005

Hollman's Nell, "Nell" by Contact Point's Anticipation, "Quiver"
Born on August 12th, 2005

Hollman's Nell, "Nell" by EyeSpy The Flash, "The Flash" & Contact Point's Blew by You, "Blew"
Born on September 21st, 2006

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