Contact Point The Light Fantastic,

CLR: Black and white
HT: 19.5"
WT: 32 lbs

AKC DN31511202

Optigen CEA Normal

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Contact Point The Light Fantastic, "Bright"

Bright is an incredibly easy dog, she's a joy to live with as well as incredibly charming and affectionate. She is our constant undemanding shadow, always ready to cuddle or play, and charms all the other dogs as well. Bright is a serious little worker, she wants to be accurate and correct, yet loves to problem solve and is a very quick learner. She's always ready to play and never wants to quit. As well as being light on her feet, Bright is very flexible and a smooth, easy jumper. She can magically levitate onto your lap without disturbing you at all and has incredible balancing skills.




Litters whelped by Bright:

Contact Point The Light Fantastic, "Bright" by TBC Redrum, "Hitman"
Born June 16th, 2014

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