CLR: Red merle
HT: 20"
WT: 40 lbs

AKC: DN43513204

OFA Hips BCO-12293G26F-VPI

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Skye is a delightfully enthusiastic girl who is phased by nothing. She is always ready and will do anything you ask of her to earn some playtime. You want her to knit you a sweater? She’ll give it a try! She can find a toy anywhere and if she thinks you are not playing with her because you don’t like that toy, she will bring you another one until she finds one you are happy with. One time she even found a tiny piece of a tennis ball in a leaf pile and carefully picked it up in her mouth. She can always make you laugh with her antics.

She is wicked smart and picks up tricks within a few repetitions. It’s fun to watch her brain working, she gets the sweetest look on her face when she is thinking. She is a wonderful mom who is always attentive to her pups. There is never a dull moment when she’s around.










Litters whelped by Skye:

Skye by Speck
Born Jan 31st, 2018

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