Contact Point's Speedster, "Jet"

CLR: Black Tri
HT: 18.5"
WT: 30 lbs

AKC DN36597704

DNA normal for CEA, TNS, IGS

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Contact Point's Speedster, "Jet"

Jet is a beautiful black tri Border Collie who loves to do agility. She enjoys running, playing tug of war, as much as cuddling. She is very keen on remembering what you teach her; she remembers tricks that were taught to her when she was just a few months old. She is a very calm dog inside the house, she likes to lay down in her bed every morning until you get out of your bed to prepare breakfast. She is very friendly, she usually expresses her affection giving hugs to everyone, and if you are lucky you might even get a kiss from her.

Jet is a very fast dog, she does agility a few times a week because it is her favorite activity in the whole world. She makes really fast turns, works well on distance, accelerates rapidly and learns in a very short time, which makes her a great dog for this sport.

In addition, Jet has a huge bond with her owner Javier, she accompanies him on bicycle rides, goes on car rides, sleeps every night beside his bed, trains agility at least once a week and watches TV with him even if he hugs her. She is a dog who became an exercise partner, emotional support in hard times, and mainly a great friend.

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